Great Basin Brewing Company
846 Victorian Avenue
Sparks, Nevada
(775) 355-7711
Visited on May 11, 2007

I figured since I led off yesterday with the second best brewpub on my list as it currently stands, that today I’d follow it up with the second worst. I went to Great Basin Brewing Company on my trip to move to Palo Alto for a summer internship. I had been stopping at brewpubs the entire way for lunch and dinner, finding some gems in the Midwest.

Now, keeping in mind that this was early on in my beer expedition experiences, I still don’t think much of it looking back. Nothing stands out in my mind except that it was a Browns Backers location. To be fair, I’m speaking of this year’s past the initial experience, and the first review was a good four months after I visited.

But then again, I remembered plenty of details about the good spots.

Original Review

Another pretty typical sports bar located in Sparks, Nevada, just outside of Reno. Lots of seating, lots of tables, a few booths and a crap-load of television for the local games.

The food was pretty bad, even my Dad didn’t like his Shepard’s pie, which isn’t exactly a difficult dish to make. It seemed like everything came out of a bag, except for the potatoes, which came out of a box. I don’t even remember what I had anymore.

The service was pretty so-so, the establishment was alright for what they had to work with, but the beer sucked. Even though I visited over 4 months ago, all that I can remember about the place was that I walked away extremely disappointed about everything, especially the beer.

Location: 15
Food: 10
Beer: 8
Service: 10
Overall: 9
Total: 52

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