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Great Dane Brewing Company
357 Price Place, Madison, WI
(608) 661-9400
Visited on June 24, 2008

Looking back, I’m not sure which location of Great Dane Brewing Company I went to on my trek across the country towards Idaho. I know it was not the downtown location. It was either the Hilldale or Fitchburg location. Either way, it was a good experience. Good enough to make me want to buy a shirt.

I recall a pretty sweet venue in a shopping-type area. There were a couple of floors with a nice outdoor patio and some nice woodwork. What really sticks out in my mind – without even reading my previous review – was the smashed garlic plantains. I believe this is a Jamaican dish. Whatever it is, I’ve wanted more of it every day since but have not come across it. None of the beers really stand out over the test of time, except I do still remember enjoying that Scottish Ale…

Original Review

There are several locations throughout Madison (an amazingly cool college city) and the one my phone directed me to was actually a little out of town, and not technically in Madison. The outside was unassuming, it reminded me a lot of Lennies in Bloomington, but the interior was outstanding. Two levels, outdoor patios, amazing woodwork, a giant horseshoe bar and a ton of seating make this a diamond in the rough.

Whichever location this is at is where I was.

Some of the best and most innovative food I’ve ever had anywhere is served here at this outstanding brewpub. One of the sides they offer is a garlic plantain mash that I found absolutely delicious. My Mom didn’t quite agree, so I ate all of hers too! The Cuban sandwich I had featured both deli ham and pulled pork, and while it could have used a touch of mustard, it was fantastic. The only thing I wasn’t blown away by was the dessert. The carrot cake came highly recommended, and was a bit of an inside-out version with layers of cream cheese inside and the walnuts on top. It was good, but it was subpar for a carrot cake.

I hate to sound like a broken record, but the beer here is outstanding. They offer cask ale varieties, which is always a huge plus in my book. I thoroughly enjoyed everything I tried, but the Scottish Ale prevailed above all others. It had a strong caramel flavor and a wonderful finish that left me wanting more. One of my favorites of all-time.

Excellent and prompt service. Unfortunately, our waitress wasn’t a cheesecake fan, or the dessert she recommended may have put them over the top…

Location: 20
Food: 19
Beer: 18
Service: 18
Overall: 18
Total: 93

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