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Pours hazy, light amber with a thin bubbly head that quickly withdraws. Smells mostly of wheat with little hop aroma, makes me wonder just how much of an IPA it really is. Mouthfeel is a bit full and chunky, almost like you’re chewing it a bit, as most American wheat beers tend to be. Heavy orange and coriander up front with a bit of sweetness that is balanced by the hops. However,  I don’t really taste any additional hops. It doesn’t taste that much different than a regular wheat to me, but then again, I don’t drink wheats very often. But in the end, it’s kind of fruity.

I’d only give this one a 30 or so. I mean it’s well done, the quality is there, just the idea and recipe kind of sucks. It’s targeted to non-beer-lovers. So sorry, but I’m not drinking it, so I give it an F.