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Snake River Brewing Company
265 South Millward Street
Jackson, Wyoming
(307) 739-2337
Visited on February 21, 2009

Hmmmm… what can I say about Snake River Brewing Company in Jackson Hole, Wyoming? Well, I can’t say that it really stuck out in my mind after a couple of years, but that might be more from the fact that I was nearly dead after eight-ish hours of snowshoeing through the Tetons than any shortcomings on their part. Off the top of my head, the place was gigantic and resembled a ski lodge just a bit. It was super crowded, but I somehow snaked my way into the bar. The dessert was wonderful. The beer was solid. They had Dortmunder.

Original Review

Snake River is a very commercial enterprise in the middle of a very commercial town. Ski resorts and tourist traps abound everywhere you look. The bar/over 21 area is gigantic, comprising most of the restaurant. It looks even bigger than it is due to the loft seating where even more tables exist. Until, that is, you venture to the other side and find out the seating is very limited over there. Anyways, it’s big, commercialized, loud and yet somewhat cozy. I have no complaints. It’s great for what it is.

The menu seems a bit overpriced but the food I enjoyed was quite good. Chili featuring elk, buffalo and beef sounds amazing, but tastes the same as if it were all beef. Fries are battered and on par. I had a buffalo burger, which one would think would be handformed patties, but it seemed to feature two ¼ pound frozen patties from somewhere. But the sauce and roasted chili peppers made up for it. The burger was one of the better ones I’ve experienced. The true delight of the trip was the s’more. Homemade graham, double stacked with a full Hershey’s bar and a toasted mallow on top. It was to die for.

I honestly came in wanting to believe that the beer is commercialized crap, but it is definitely not. Most of the beers are outstanding. The Dortmunder was a delightful surprise to find on the menu and even more delightful to find accurately done. The pale was nearly perfect, the Vienna style lager was light and crisp and the stout was rich and simple but with a depth not commonly found. The only two I did not care for were the IPA – which I found to have pleasant floral notes from the hops but none of the upfront bitterness to create a foil for it – and the organic nut brown, which I found to be thin with no complexity at all.

Great service with a smile. Good suggestions. No complaints on that front.

Location: 17
Food: 18
Beer: 18
Overall: 18
Total: 88

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