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The Hideout Brewing Company
3113 Plaza Drive Northeast
Grand Rapids Charter Township, MI 49525
(616) 361-9658
Visited on January 28, 2012

Tucked away on an unassuming side street next to several large apartment complexes bordering a lake is a small, unassuming brewery called The Hideout. I rolled up one chilly Saturday afternoon and found the place mostly deserted. There are two floors to the building. The first has the taps and the bar sort of in the middle, with several tables as you move around the outside of the room. Upstairs are several large screen TVs, a shuffleboard table and a couple of dart boards. Outside there is filled in swimming pool with horseshoes. This place is calm, relaxed and a great place to relax and enjoy a beer with friends.

Though there are some food items on the menu, my girlfriend and I did not partake, as we had just come from lunch. Instead, we focused on the beer. There were a lot of options that day and we got through two full samplers of six beers each. They’re all solid brews with many unique, experimental styles, like beer aged in wine barrels. The standard styles are quite good, with the stouts being the best offerings of the house. Though nothing blew me away, it seems like the type of place you can go to over and over again, but still find something new to try each time.

I don’t believe that they do service to the tables, but the bartenders are quick and efficient, and never leave you empty for long.

*Note that any brewery where I don’t have food – or they don’t really have any food available – I don’t give a full ranking to. Instead, they belong to their own list so as not to distort the list of full-fledged brewpubs with a kitchen.

Location: 19
Food: NA
Beer: 17
Service: 18
Overall: 17
Total: NA (71)