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Thunderhead Brewing Company
18 East 21st Street
Kearney, Nebraska
(308) 237-1558
Visited on September 17, 2007

Thunderhead Brewing is another brewery that I visited early on in my days of exploring beer. I was on my way back from a summer spent in Palo Alto with my Mom. Coincidentally, there was a large storm brewing out in front of us; we could see the giant thunderheads in the distance above the flat plains. It was getting to be the end of the day anyways, so we pulled into Kearney, Nebraska for the night.

I remember a nice space in a historic brick building with nice wooden tables, banners hanging from the rafters and barely another soul in the place. I remember eating some sort of alfredo calzone dish that was quite the comfort food, though nothing really to write home about. I also remember the first smoky beer I ever tried, and looking back, it was way overdone. But for more details, read below for the original review.

I also remember that they did not sell logo pint glasses, which is why I have a giant Thunderhead Brewing glass mug at home to this day.

Original Review

I got to this place a little late in the evening so it was pretty dead, but that meant the service was pretty good! One thing I did notice was a student studying with a beer at a nearby table, which is a plus. The restaurant itself is nothing spectacular, but they do well with what they have to work with. Banners of their four beers hang above a service window. There are lots of local decorations, and a staircase, which I’m now wondering whether or not it leads to more of a bar atmosphere with games, darts, and a real bar.

Their house special calzone was different but excellent. It featured a white sauce with ham I believe. I don’t recall exactly anymore, but it was quite tasty. However, the menu is quite limited, but I would definitely drop by here if driving across I-80.

There were only four house beers, but they were very good. The best two were the honey wheat and a smoked amber, which seriously tasted like barbecue. It was both different and pleasant, but I ended up ordering a pint of the honey wheat.

Location: 17
Food: 16
Beer: 13
Service: 15
Overall: 14
Total: 77

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