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Kuhnhenn Brewing Company
5919 Chicago Road
Warren, Michigan
(586) 979-8361
Visited on May 3, 2012

Kuhnhenn was the second brewery stop of the evening for me when I went. I had already visited Sherwood Brewing just a few miles away and had some more time to kill, and figured why not give another place a go?

Driving up to it, it seemed like an odd location. I came in from the back (not a gay joke) to discover a bit of an odd building. It looked a tad rundown from the outside and definitely dated. Red bricks and a weird, shingle-like front facing exterior. The interior was very simple, but nice. A gigantic bar dominates the center of the bar. A giant square, it gives plenty of space to pull up a chair. Ample seating is available around all sides, as well. In short, there’s not much to say about the look of the place, but it definitely makes one feel at home.

I did not have any food, as I had already eaten that evening. I don’t think there’s a ton of food available, anyways. At most, more of some snacks. But they have a ton of variety on tap. I would estimate more than 15 styles were available when I visited. For samplers, you can choose either the “standard five” or pick any five that you choose. Both are kind of expensive, with the choose your own coming in at around $12.

The five I chose were all pretty well done and certainly enjoyable. I would say the strong stouts on tap (of which there were plenty) were a bit better than the other options. Of course, when you’re dealing with that big of beer, mistakes are more forgiving. I think their more standard beers are fine, but certainly wouldn’t stand out in a crowd. The Jessie’s Road Rash Stout and Export Stout stood out in the sampler, but probably would not in a host of similar offerings from better breweries.

I wasn’t around very long, so the service did not really have a chance to impress me. However, they seemed on top of their game. All in all, I liked the place and would gladly return, should I ever find myself in the neighborhood again.

Location: 15
Food: N/A
Beer: 16
Service: 17
Overall: 15
Total: 63 (out of 80)