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Schlafly Brewing Company
2100 Locust Street
St. Louis, Missouri
(314) 241-2337
Visited on June 7, 2008

Following my trend of trying to get new states up on the board, today’s recounting is of my one visit to a microbrewery in Missouri – Schlafly Brewing Company.

And it’s a good one.

I was on a trip with two friends to see Dave Matthews perform in Busch Stadium, and it just so happened that two of my closest family friends were in town the same weekend for a trip. And since he loves beer almost as much as I do, we decided to meet up before the concert for dinner.

I remember Schlafly being huge, brick, old and very cool. A long chalkboard listed too many beers to even get around to trying all of. They were all excellent though, as was the food. I believe I went with some kind of Shephard’s Pie that wasn’t too bad. But the best part of the visit was the dessert. They have some sort of rich chocolate toffee bread pudding that is absolutely fantastic. I nearly had to roll myself out.

Original Review

I was in St. Louis for a Dave Matthews concert, and what better way to pregame for the show than to eat at the biggest local microbrewery? It’s located a bit further from downtown than I thought, though—about a good mile and a half walk. But well worth it. The original brewpub has two arms connected by a short middle section, making the building look like a vertical half of an “I.” Black iron gates welcome the beer enthusiast between the outstretched arms of brick, with tables in the courtyard between. Upon entering, the host stand greets on the immediate right, a bar and dining tables are in the room to the left, while I assume some of the brewing equipment and probably more seating are in the room to the right. It’s classic setting, wooden tables and simple decorations make it one of the nicest brewpub locations I’ve been to. Full marks.

I was struggling on deciding which delicious-sounding dish to order. I narrowed it to the wienerschnitzel and beef stew. I went with the stew because I was going to the Hofbrau House later in the week. The dish was good, but not great. Tender chunks of beef in a thick, brown stew accompanied by carrots, potatoes and a few other veggies with a giant beer biscuit plopped in the middle, which was the best part of the dish. Other dishes at the table looked similarly average, but good. The real winner here, is the beer bread appetizer. Moist, square chunks of bread made with their Pale Ale accompanied by amazing blue cheese and onion chive spreads. The other big winner is dessert. One gigantic portion of their Sticky Toffee Bread Pudding will do even the biggest eater in, myself included. It’s like 6” high, more like a moist cake than a bread pudding, but the toffee syrup topping is to die for. It was so good, I ate more than half of it, even though I nearly threw up from eating too much. But it was so worth it!

There is an astounding variation of house brews on hand—at least 12 when I was there. The bad part is that a sampler comes with a predetermined 6, and its impossible to get a sampler of the other 6. Bad form… bad form. But I of course managed to sample them all anyways by sharing pints around the table. The big winner was the Pale 13, a unique pale ale that tastes spiced almost like a holiday brew. I loved it. The stout, nut brown ale, and black lager were my next favorites, but I certainly wouldn’t turn down any of them if offered to me.

The service was good, knowledgeable, but not great. I’ve definitely had better.

Location: 20
Food: 18
Beer: 17
Service: 17
Overall: 18
Total: 90

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