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Orlando Brewing Company
1301 Atlanta Ave
Orlando, Florida
(407) 872-1117
Visited on August 14, 2009

Apparently, cabs are expensive in Florida. I took a cab for me and two of my friends from the hotel we were staying at for a conference to a brewpub not more than 15 minutes away. Somehow, a one-way trip managed to cost me something like $70. Ridiculous. But in the end, I managed to hit a brewery in Florida.

Orlando Brewing Company isn’t much to look at, inside or out. It’s a pretty straightforward joint with no frills attached. They don’t serve food, but they have ample takeout menus for you to order in from. As for the beer, I remember them having quite the assortment of choices – somewhere in the high teens. They also had a tasting sheet to fill out as you went along. You could mark which ones you liked and which you didn’t, along with other comments. I thought it was kind of cool for them to keep a tab on what their customers liked and what was working.

But, in the end, the place is pretty forgettable. Perhaps the original review will have more details, because I certainly don’t remember them now.

Original Review

Orlando Brewing is in a building resembling a warehouse in a warehouse district located just outside of downtown Orlando. It is a far cry, and a welcome change, from the tourist traps abounding everywhere else. It’s simple. A bar, several tables, a nice outdoor patio with a stage for live music, and probably the biggest cloth American flag I’ve ever seen indoors hanging on the wall. It’s your local joint. It’s awesome.

They don’t have a kitchen, but they provide a long list of menus from local places that will deliver. The pizza I ordered turned out pretty good, though I won’t attribute its goodness to the brewpub.

They have an awesome selection of beers, I believe it was somewhere around 16 of their own plus a great selection of never-before-seen-on-tap-big beers. Many of their brews are organic, but less than a quarter would I rate as very good to amazing. Of those few that obtained the amazing status was a dark IPA (my favorite, too bad it’s not a regular), their Red and Porter. The IPA was very well balanced both in the various depths of hoppy goodness and malty characteristics. The Red was similar to a Scottish Ale without being overly sweet, and the porter was a bit thin, but still had a depth of character many are lacking. Overall, this place is well worth the trip for the beers alone. I also enjoyed the “rating” chart they passed out with the sampler, asking for opinions on each of their brews. Feedback is always important!

The service is nice. Apparently the ladies behind the bar (or lady, as the case was here) work on tips only. Otherwise their service is volunteering. And they’re hot. Hot, hot, hot. And charming.

Location: 17
Food: NA
Beer: 15
Service: 17
Overall: 17
Total: 66 (out of 80)

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