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Redwood Lodge Brewing Company
5304 Gateway Center
Flint Township, Michigan
(810) 233-8000
Visited several times between 2010 and 2012

Redwood Lodge Brewing Company is in an awfully weird location. Tucked back in some sort of shopping/business/commercial/warehouse type street just off of the highway, the establishment sticks out like a sore thumb. Why? Because it’s nice. It has a deck, patio, it’s wooden, the interior is beautifully designed and decorated in lodge fashion – it’s just great.

And it’s in Flint.

On my first visit, I wasn’t all that impressed seeing as I’m not a big fan of expensive steak brewpubs. But on my subsequent visits, I like it more and more each time. The dark beers are outstanding. The prime rib dip sandwich is absolutely perfect. The prices for sandwiches are not unreasonable. I would proud to have this as my local brewpub.

And it’s in Flint.

Original Review

The place in Flint is definitely off the beaten path, but not out of the way. Just a few hundred yards past the highway exit, but the place sits way back off the road among a bunch of non-restaurant businesses. This location would seem like it would be a big warehouse with a small restaurant tacked on to the side. But that’s not the case at all.

The Redwood Lodge is out of place in Flint. It’s a giant steakhouse with decorative bears carved into the doors, heads and hides hanging on the walls, fireplaces, wood and a general rustic feel. It seems like it should be in the back country of Idaho. In the bar corner of the giant restaurant, lots of banners hang boasting the medals won over the past few years from two of the more prestigious beer competitions. Most of them are for their sweet stout and oatmeal stout.

The dinner menu is rather expensive for a brewpub, but I guess that comes with the territory when you’re ordering steaks, salmon and the like. Most of the best looking dishes come in between $15 and $25 dollars, with individual pizzas being the most affordable food on the menu at just over $10. That evening I was in the mood for some ribs, so I tacked on a baked potato and steamed vegetable and called it dinner.

The ribs were pretty damn good. Big and meaty, a nice sweet, St. Louis styled barbecue sauce accompanied by a delicious sweet potato. In my opinion, the ribs could use some smoky flavors and a bit more time under the heat so that the meat comes off the bone a bit more easily. I shouldn’t have to use a knife on them. But they were still good.

The beer wasn’t exceptional. It was all very well done with none of them coming in at non-pleasurable. But nothing really stood out, even the stouts I tried, which is what happens with award winning beers. They hit the style perfectly but don’t stand out.

The single one I really enjoyed, however, was the German lager that was more reminiscent of a true German pilsner. It’s a flavor I enjoy that you don’t come across in brewpubs all that often.

The service was busy but good. I had to grab their attention a few times, but each time they responded quickly and put more beer in front of me immediately.

Location: 19
Food: 19
Beer: 18
Service: 18
Total: 94

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