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Mad Anthony’s Brewing Company
114 North Main Street
Auburn, Indiana
(260) 927-0500
Visited on June 8, 2012

It’s been about five years since the first and only time that I visited Mad Anthony’s in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Somehow it slipped past me that they had multiple locations, and I’m not above using multiple locations of basically the same brewpub as a way of expanding my list. After all, different places have different cooks, different buildings, different servers, and perhaps even different brewing equipment.

After visiting the Auburn location a couple of days ago, I believe it is very comparable to the downtown Fort Wayne location. Auburn is a very small town just north of Fort Wayne. Stopping in here made more sense on my road trip, seeing as how it takes a while to get to downtown Fort Wayne off of the highway and the small-town version was less likely to be overcrowded.

The place is a cute little townie bar and restaurant, perfectly family friendly and luckily not smoky despite Indiana’s refusal to pass a smoking ban for their restaurants. The décor is aging a little, sporting your typical small town paintings, a few taxidermied heads, and random antiques. Pretty much everything has seen better days, but it’s pretty clean and charming.

The menu is exactly the same as the Fort Wayne location and is quite large. Once I spotted the breaded pork tenderloin sandwich, I was hooked. I hadn’t had one of those (my childhood favorite) in about a year. Of course, nothing ever compares to the sandwiches my mom and grandfather made growing up, but this wasn’t bad. A pretty solid effort, if lacking any sort of creativity.

The same could be said for the beer. Everything is pretty solid, but lacks any sort of creativity. Everything would be palatable to the masses. Everything was a little thin and a little low on hops. My favorite was the stout, which had a very strong coffee flavor, which stood in stark contrast to all the others which had no very strong flavors. It was a little thin, and I wouldn’t want to drink it all day or all that often given other options, but it made me happy for a few minutes.

Overall, it’s really pretty much your average townie hangout.

Location: 16
Food: 16
Beer: 13
Service: 17
Overall: 14
Total: 76

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