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The River Company
6633 Viscoe Road
Radford, Virginia
(540) 633-3940
Visited on December 22, 2011

On my first visit to The River Company, I was intrigued. I wasn’t super impressed by the beer, but the crab dip was awesome, the location was stellar and the service was amiable. Clearly, I’d have to come back for a second look, especially when I began considering it as a potential wedding venue.

So I checked it out again last week.

As mentioned in the original review, the location is amazing. The restaurant is big, beautiful and wooden, overlooking the beautiful New River and the town of Radford across its banks. On the second trip, the beer was again above average, but nothing to write home about. Their porter and IPA were certainly serviceable. Though all are fine beers, there isn’t a lot of imagination in the offerings, and nothing very strong.

As for the food, I finally got to try something other than an appetizer. My pulled pork sandwich was pretty tasty, and the grilled portabella mushrooms my fiancé enjoyed could be served proudly at any establishment I’ve been to. I need to pony up and try some of their entrees someday, as I bet that’s where the really good stuff is. If only it weren’t so expensive…

Original Review

Stuck outside of a small town in a scarcely populated area of Virginia at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains, this place does pretty well for itself. It seems like a hell of a drive in the dark, rainy night, but it’s really not all that far outside of town. And the views are amazing, seeing as it’s in the crook of a bend in the river. The building itself is gigantic and gorgeous. It looks like a cavernous Amish lodge, complete with wooden everything, rafters, tables, chairs, you name it. It’s meant to be a higher class establishment, and you can tell with the way the place presents itself.

You can also tell by the prices on the menu. Two meals and some beers will probably set you back at least $50. Seeing as my girlfriend and I were just dropping by, we settled for a sampler and an order of crab dip. The nice part was that the crab dip was made with real, big lumps of crab, and it was absolutely delicious. Based on this dish, they spare little expense on their food and it is all well executed.

The beers were mediocre to slightly better than mediocre. There was a decent selection, though, ranging from lager to stout. The Cream Lager stood out to me since I don’t see it at brewpubs very often, and the porter was nice for its style. I wouldn’t complain about drinking most any of these beers all day long, but I also wouldn’t go out of my way to do so.

Service was mostly good, even though the server had quite a hickey on his neck.

Location: 20
Food: 18
Beer: 15
Service: 18
Overall: 17
Total: 88

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