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Fat Heads Saloon
24581 Lorain Road
North Olmstead, Ohio
Visited on November 28, 2009

My visit to Fat Heads Saloon was a bit of a whirlwind. I got in late and starving after a corn hole tournament ran longer than I had expected, and the place was extremely packed, loud and slightly obnoxious. I managed to find a spot at the bar, though, and try a sampler. I don’t remember anything really sticking out, except maybe their Christmas seasonal. The smoked wings, however, were large and delicious. Next time I stop in, I’ll try the pierogi sandwich that landed them in the pages of Maxim Magazine.

Original Review

Fat Head’s is a giant restaurant that reminds me of an upscale Applebee’s. The rooms are huge, spacious, dimly lit and way overcrowded. Despite the large amount of room, there’s still way too many people in this place on a Saturday evening. There wasn’t all the crap on the walls that Applebee’s usually has, but the atmosphere was the same. Maybe an Outback Steakhouse or Winking Lizard would be a better comparison. Whatever they’re going for, I didn’t love it.

Luckily, the food is way better than Applebee’s, even if the atmosphere and décor isn’t. The French onion soup was above average and the smoked chicken wings blew me away. Full wings that you have to tear apart yourself, highlighted by a pink smoke ring for authenticity, and topped by a great sauce. Next time I’m in, I’m trying the sandwich Maxim called the fifth best in the country – a giant piece of bread stuffed with sausage and perogi!

The beer was decent, but not spectacular. I was slightly intrigued by the fact they have a ton of guest beers on tap to compliment their own. Again, this speaks to the “commercialized” feel this place gave me. They featured eight of their own beers, all of which I would describe as being above average to very good. The one that sticks out in my mind, though, is the pilsner. It was very true to form, which is hard to find in a country dominated by American lagers, which are often mistakenly dubbed pilsners.

The service was decent even though they were crazy busy. The one mistake was that I ordered a roasted red pepper soup and got a bowl of French onion instead, but I’m thinking that was the mistake of the people in the back, and I didn’t bother to correct her.

Location: 16
Food: 18
Beer: 16
Service: 18
Overall: 17
Total: 85

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