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Elevator Brewery & Draught Haus
161 North High Street
Columbus, Ohio
(614) 228-0500
Visited in September 2009

I returned for some drinks not too long ago after a couple of year hiatus between visits. The location remains incredibly impressive – a long room with a long, beautiful bar and dim, blue lighting. The service was pretty good, aside from the bartender telling us how much of a waste of money ordering samplers was. I know full well it costs more.

I want to try your beers, idiot.

I think he meant that most of their beers were crap, and we should just be ordering pints of the good ones. But to my recollection, most of them were pretty decent. Above average even. The darks were better than the lights, and the amber was probably the best of the bunch. Not surprising, given that their amber is served at various locations around town as well.

Original Review

Located in the heart of downtown Columbus, just a few blocks south of the Arena district, is some of the best beer in the city, and one of the most unique restaurants I’ve been to. Immaculately decorated in 1920’s speakeasy style, this place has more class in its anteroom than most have in their entire establishment. Soft blue lights seem to give the entire place a glow. A long bar precedes a giant dining room adorned by stained glass windows and giant murals of 20’s bars and people. I dug it, dig it?

I was a little surprised at just how expensive everything was here. I know it’s downtown, but they still offered very little in the way of someone watching their wallet. Even so, I paid $28 for a full rack of baby back ribs, which were good, but not great. Certainly not worth the price I paid. The spices and flavor of the meat were great, but they weren’t cooked quite long enough. It was a little difficult separating them to eat. Also, the menu is quite limited, and there’s not a lot to choose from. But I will say that the sweet potato wedges that came with them (because I asked) were wonderful.

There are 12 different brews on tap at any one time. Quite a bit for a microbrewery that doesn’t bottle. And I took my time with a sampler going through each and every one. I won’t bore you with the details, but each of the light lagers were very flavorful and quite drinkable, the darks were a bit disappointing and lacked any real depth or character. The wheats were wonderful, the raspberry ale a bit too fruity for my liking, and the pale a great example of an English dry. My friend actually commented that it reminds her of her days in London. My favorite was the Buckeye Red, an amber ale made interesting with the addition of rye and caramel malts. It’s extremely well-balanced, and the interesting malts make for an enjoyable drink.

Location: 20Elevator Brewing
Food: 16
Beer: 17
Service: 17
Overall: 17
Total: 87

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