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Firehouse Grill and Brewery
111 South Murphy Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA
(408) 773-9500
Visited in August 2007

Here’s another stop from my days in the Bay Area several years ago that I’m going to have to rely heavily on my original words to review. But first, let’s see just how much I can remember before taking a peek at my previous review.

I remember a lot of barbecue options, and I believe I got a plate of smoked and/or grilled chicken. It was a decent amount of food – like an entire half of a chicken. And I remember quite enjoying it. I also remember a lot of televisions and a pretty cool atmosphere. I don’t think there were many beers, and those that were available weren’t that spectacular.

But let’s see if this jogs my memory.

Original Review

The restaurant itself is a very nice space with plenty of tables, a long bar, and a ton of plasma screen TV’s which will show any and every game that happens to be on at the time. I even found a TV with the Indians game to watch. As long as you can find a seat, you can watch any sporting event you could possibly hope for. (But there is non-television driven seating available as well.)

The food is barbecue/grill in the truest sense of the word containing dinner entrees such as spit roasted chicken and grilled pork tenderloin. I had an entire half of a roasted chicken with greens and mashed potatoes. It was pretty good, but nothing amazing, especially since it was their signature dish. It didn’t leave me craving more, but maybe I should have gotten something a bit smoky.

The beer was also quite good, but nothing really stood out to me. They only offer four varieties of house beer, but they are each of good enough quality that I didn’t mind.

Location: 19
Food: 16
Beer: 14
Service: 16
Overall: 16
Total: 81

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