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Chicago Brewing Company
2201 South Fort Apache Road
Las Vegas, Nevada
(702) 254-3333
Visited in August, 2007

As much of a contradiction as the visages of New York and Paris rising above the Strip, here we have Chicago Brewing Company in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Straight up, this was a visit I made early on in my brewpub tour. It was during my days in the Bay Area. I drove down to visit family friends who were in Vegas for the weekend – quite a long drive down a very boring I-5, I can assure you. We stopped in and got some drinks, but we didn’t have any food. So this is a rather incomplete review, and it’s very old.

I think perhaps I remember a nice summer beer I enjoyed? What does linger with me was the building. A big, beautiful, brick building with some nice lounge furniture and a great patio. Perhaps there are more details in my original review.

Original Review

Located in sunny Las Vegas, despite what the name may lead you to believe. Although the building isn’t anything special on the outside, the inside is full of luxury, fun and games. Giant, overstuffed booths surround several tables with beautiful lighting fixtures dangling from the massive ceilings. An upstairs club provides fun and gaming (after all, it is Vegas) for the amazing happy hours. An outside patio features plasma screen TV’s, umbrellas, and fans that blow mist over patrons burning in the early afternoon desert heat.

Unfortunately I did not dine here. Vegas is just too full of culinary treats, such as 4 Kegs, featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, and home to easily the greatest Stromboli I’ve ever had in my life.

Outstanding selection of high-quality, session beers suitable for drinking all night long. Help yourself to a giant, two-tiered sampler of at least a dozen beers, and choose your favorites for an easy afternoon of relaxation in the overstuffed chairs. My favorites included Blueberry Vanilla Wheat and Orange Wheat (I’m not usually a fruited beer fan, but these were subtle and pleasant.)

The service was above and beyond. Waitress moved the plasma screen TV for us to see easier and then switched to the basketball game we were interested in without us even asking her to come do so.

Location: 18
Food: N/A
Beer: 17
Service: 20
Overall: 18
Total: 73 (out of 80)

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