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Brownstone Brewing
455 River Parkway
Idaho Falls, Idaho
Visited on February 20, 2009

Well, having just tried to look up the place’s address, I’ve discovered that it is now closed. Oh well, here’s a post mordem.

I visited Brownstone Brewing during a business trip to Idaho Falls one night. Somehow I lucked out, and the place was within walking distance of my hotel. Of course, Idaho Falls isn’t all that big, so maybe luck had nothing to do with it.

I don’t remember much about it all these years later, so nothing stuck out in my mind. I recall being fairly impressed with a couple of their offerings, but underwhelmed as a whole. I also remember the food portions being pretty large and being pretty happy with it. I know that’s not a glowing recommendation, but it certainly fits with the “B-“ range that I scored the place.

Let’s see if the original review can jog my memory.

Original Review

After two straight nights in small, quiet establishments, it was a bit of a shock to jump into a crowded, hopping brewpub. Brownstone is large and spacious with a W bar that will accommodate plenty of folks, myself included. Large plasma televisions give great views of sporting events. It’s obviously a commercial enterprise with making money in mind, but there’s nothing wrong with the place. On the other hand, nothing special or unique either.

I was not impressed by any of the food except for the French fries. The turkey sandwich was creative and tasty but would have been thoroughly enhanced by actual chunk pieces of turkey instead of thinly sliced deli meat. The bread was tasty and it was well balanced with the toppings. I was excited to see homemade potato salad and ordered it as an extra side, but was disappointed to find it bland and unappetizing. As I stated, the best part was the fries. They were battered, perfectly fried and had an amazing potato taste that often gets left behind in fries.

A couple of the brews were alright, but most of them were unappealing. The pilsner and raspberry were light and refreshing, with the fruited choice only subtly so. The pale was probably the best all-around choice. Well balanced with a good floral scent and taste. The pint I chose was the winter ale, just because it fit the cold winter night. Malty, hoppy and strong. But again, nothing special.

The service was excellent, but I was sitting on the corner of the bar right in front of the register. Then again, they were very busy. Nearly top scores. I could have used a little more banter.

Location: 16
Food: 16
Beer: 14
Service: 19
Overall: 16
Total: 81