Northern Lights Brewing Company
1003 East Trent Avenue
Spokane, Washington
(509) 242-2739
Visited often 2008-2010

I had a long and lasting love affair with Northern Lights for a time. I first tried it during a conference trip to Spokane. I wasn’t overly impressed by the beer, but their fish and chips were to die for. Over the years, I made many trips to Spokane, seeing as it was the only real city within a two-hour drive from little old Moscow, Idaho.

Northern LightsBy the end of my time out west, I came to really enjoy Northern Lights. Their location is pretty cool, with lots of televisions, an outdoor patio and a great vibe. The fish and chips are still to die for – the best I’ve ever had in my life. Their catalogue of beer remained unimpressive, but their darker beers began to win my over before I left.

Overall, a very solid place.

Original Review

I came here to watch Game 5 of the ALCS and was very disappointed, but not with the brewpub. Within minutes of sitting down the Red Sox had hit a grand slam and basically put the Indians away. Oh well. As for the brewpub, it was located in a very cool converted bus garage with its entrance in a mall-type hall area. It’s really quite unique and I loved the place.

Absolutely amazing fish and chips. They came with three gigantic strips of Alaskan cod perfectly fried. Crisp yet light breading surrounding a succulent, moist fish. The dish is singularly responsible for turning me back on to fish and chips. I love it now. I am tempted to get some every time I see it on a menu.

The beer was rather disappointing. Not much stood out, and that which did, I wouldn’t put anywhere near even my top 50 list. It’s just that they stood out compared to the rest of it. But there is a wide selection—a sampler consisted of about a dozen different types. Of them, the few that were more than just pleasant were the Blueberry Ale (actually decent and not over-done), the Oktoberfest, and Chocolate Dunkel, with the best of the bunch being the stout. Basically, the darker the better here.

The service was kind of slow on the uptake but nothing worth complaining about.

Original Update

I returned when the Steam Plant Grill closed early due to some basketball tournament that made Spokane a nightmare, and was pleasantly surprised by the high level of beer served. The chocolate porter is good, but the stout is outstanding. I didn’t remember how good it actually is. I restrained from the fish and chips to try something new out, and go the philly cheesesteak and onion rings. The onion rings weren’t great, but the sandwich was suburb. Finally, I tried some chocolate porter ice cream, but couldn’t taste the beer in it. Nothing special for dessert made in the house on the menu. May be next time I’ll break on my in-house desires and go for the locally made cheesecake.

Location: 19
Food: 20
Beer: 17
Service: 17
Overall: 19
Total: 92

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