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Pacific Coast Brewing Company
906 Washington Street
Oakland, California
Visited in August 2007

One of my early favorites, Pacific Coast is an old brewery in Oakland, California. There’s not a lot I remember at this point, but some things do stand out. I had an open-faced turkey sandwich with some raspberry dipping sauce that was almost as good as Thanksgiving Day. I also had a Leviathan Stout that was absolutely delicious. Five years later and I can still tell you exactly what I ate and drank.

I’d call that a winner.

Original Review

Located near the heart of downtown Oakland, the brewpub is nice enough to offer free parking in an underground parking lot on the weekends. This is a major plus since street parking can be hard to find. The building is nothing special to look at. The bar is kind of small, the seating consists of several long tables, several smaller square tables, and some outside patio seating. The décor is reminiscent of Applebee’s, but not quite as tacky. In short, I’ve seen better, but I’ve also definitely seen much worse.

I was feeling like some comfort food, and the roasted turkey with mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce hit exactly the right spot. I even had to go and give my compliments to the chef (which wasn’t difficult since he was sitting and watching TV as I was the only one in the place on the Sunday early afternoon.) I didn’t get a chance to return here, but I have a feeling the rest of the menu is very good as well.

The beer was my favorite thing about this brewpub. Although the Grey Whale Ale was an excellent example of a pale, it was the Leviathan Stout that left me smiling. Perhaps it was the complexity of the rich dark malts, or maybe it was the ABV in the double digits. Either way, it was damn good! Easily one of my favorites ever sampled.

What could go better after a long Sunday morning run then good food and good brews? How about some free beer? After thoroughly enjoying my turkey lunch, I was drinking my second beer of the visit, which was the aforementioned Leviathan Stout. It was so good I sucked it down pretty quick. The bartender said she’d never seen anybody put one down so quickly, was thoroughly impressed, and gave me another for free. Talk about service!

Location: 16
Food: 19
Beer: 19
Service: 20
Overall: 19
Total: 93

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