The Sports Page (Bones Brewing)
1425 Broadwater Avenue
Billings, Montana
Visited on April 6, 2010

On my drive moving from northern Idaho to central Michigan, I tried to stop at as many brewpubs as possible. Of course, those are few and far between throughout the giant states of Montana, Wyoming, Montana and the like. Actually, just about everything is few and far between out there.

Options being limited, I stopped at The Sports Page, which served Bones Brewing beer, made on premises. With no sampler to choose from, I think I had a pint or two, and wasn’t impressed. The menu kind of sucked too. Staple bar food – burgers, sandwiches, pizza, fried things – all of which I’m quite sure were pulled from a freezer.

The building also housed a barbecue joint, which perhaps is/was much better. But as for the Sports Page, it gets low marks.

Original Review

I rolled into Billings, Montana after a very difficult morning of driving. I was on my way moving across the country for the fourth time in as many years and had just driven through some scary, snowy mountain passes. I was really looking forward to some barbeque and beer at Bones Brewing Pub and Eatery.

So you can imagine my disappointment when it was closed. The Bones barbeque brewpub is only open for dinner, and I was rolling in for lunch. The sports bar in the same building was open, however, so I headed in that direction.

With a ton of televisions and lots of bar-styled table seating, it is certainly a decent sports bar setup. But since I was looking for good food, the pub fare just didn’t appeal to me. My Mom and I both ordered calzones, which were decent enough, except that the insides were still cold. It’s obvious they just heat these up since there were no options for adding or subtracting ingredients. I hope they’re not just frozen from the local Walmart, but you never know.

They offered a wide variety of beers, but unfortunately not a sample platter. Instead, I picked two beers to sample and picked a pint from the results. I did this twice. And though the stout and pale ale were decent enough, it was nothing to write home about. Though the server was nice enough to offer taste samples, the service was not exceptional by any means.

All in all, if you have the unfortunate experience of finding yourself in Billings, go to Montana Brewing Company.

Location: 14
Food: 11
Beer: 13
Service: 16
Overall: 14
Total: 68

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