Seabright Brewing Company
519 Seabright Avenue #107
Santa Cruz, California
Visited on July 4, 2007

This review is going to be pretty worthless. I stopped at Seabright after having run a 10K in Santa Cruz called the “Thrill of the Hill.” It involved running up and then back down quite a large hill, as you might imagine from the name. I’m not sure why I didn’t eat some grub afterwards – actually I think there may have been a free pancake breakfast afterwards now that I think about it. What I remember most is that the drinks came in plastic pint glasses instead of real ones.

It was that kind of place.

Original Review

I remember this place mainly because it was where I stopped after running the “Thrill of the Hill” 10K. I didn’t feel much like food, but the beer was very drinkable, and they didn’t mind me sitting for an hour reading Harry Potter (gearing up for book 7). But the interior is roomy with an interesting table/bar setup, and the outside patio is also spacious to enjoy the beautiful Santa Cruz beach weather.

I didn’t order any food and the beer was nothing to write home about. Not even sure what I ordered now. The service was good, though. Very cute waitress who flirted with me a bit and talked some Harry Potter. Quite enjoyable (and actually good service too).

Location: 16
Food: ?
Beer: 13
Service: 18
Overall: 15
Total: 62 (out of 80)

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