South Street South Street Brewery
106 W South St
Charlottesville, Virginia
Visited on December 5, 2012
Revisited on April 14, 2017


Almost 4.5 years later and I’m back. I told you I would be. Check out the end of my first review. And best of all, I came hungry.

Not much has changed here since my first visit, except they seem to have done away with the comfy lounge-like seating in favor of more actual tables. Probably a good business move.

I’m not sure a whole lot has changed with the food or beer, either. My (now) wife and I settled on a shrimp po’boy sandwich and white cheddar cheese curds. The po’boy was messy and without much flavor outside of the shrimp. The cheese curds were fried cheese, so naturally they were delicious. Both were a bit overpriced.

The beers weren’t nearly as off as the first visit. There weren’t any metallic tastes and the beers tasted fuller on the mouthfeel and finish. While there were certainly a few I wouldn’t mind ordering several pints of, nothing left me with a wow feeling.

It’s still a pretty solid bet, but there are other breweries in town that make a better pint.

ssbOriginal Review

A couple of weeks ago my fiancé and I ventured out to Charlottesville for a concert. We had some time to kill, so we hit up Devil’s Backbone – about a 45-minute drive out to the mountains from the small college town. After a sampler, we headed into town to try out Charlottesville’s only brewpub within the city limits – South Street Brewery.

The place is pretty simple, but pretty nice. There’s a nice long bar to pull up to, plenty of tables and booths, and even a few pieces of cushy furniture to lounge around on. Exposed red brick and dim lighting gives it a nice collegiate atmosphere without being dingy or snotty. The servers seem to know what they’re doing for the most part, and the brewers wander out from time to time to give their concoctions a sampling.South_Street_Brewery

When we visited, there were around eight varieties on tap, which is right around the number I like to see. From what I tried, everything was decent, but nothing was even close to being notable. Most came off a little bit thin on both the malt backbone and the hop finishes. And a hand-pulled version of a strawberry nut brown had a metallic taste that I assume comes from kegging into stainless steel or less-than-desirable water to begin with. Of the varieties they had, my favorite was a Belgo Pale heavily featuring the citrus notes of Pacific Northwest hop varieties.

We also tried a bit of the food, ordering a plate full of nachos topped with black beans, salsa, sour cream, cheese, etc. The blue corn chips tasted a tad on the stale side to me, but the dish left both of us feeling satisfied. The rest of the menu is pretty impressive. They have a lot of locally-sourced dishes that aren’t on the cheap side. I would bet that it is a great place to come for a quality sit-down meal.

South_Street_Brewery-620x264Perhaps the next time I’m in town I’ll have to do just that. But for the meantime, I give it very average marks.

Location: 18
Food: 17
Beer: 16
Service: 17
Overall: 17
Total: 85

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