logoFremont Brewing Company
3409 Woodland Park Ave N
Seattle, Washington
Visited on January 18, 2013

The second brewery I visited during my recent trip to Seattle sits near a giant troll crushing a VW Bug underneath an overpass. It’s a pretty cool piece of urban art, I suggest you stick your hand up its nose if you haven’t already.

But I digress.

Down the hill and up the street from the monster is Fremont Brewing Company. It’s a small, humble operation with no kitchen and few tables in a warehouse-like setting. A few crescent booths envelop glass-topped barrel tables and a few picnic benches provide a few places to relax with a sampler, as does an interesting niche of ascending stadium-style benches. There are no frills here, just the basics, unless you include the iPad checkout system, which is pretty cool.

The beer’s alright, to put it short. I ordered 10 samples of 4-ounce pours for a respectable $10. The options were heavy on IPAs, with some nice variations of specific beers. For example, their imperial oatmeal stout was both on CO2 and nitrogen, and they had a normal and spiced version of their winter seasonal.710

While most of their higher gravity beers were pretty tasty, their run-of-the-mill beers were pretty average. An interesting tea-infused hand-pulled herbed ale caught my attention. It was interesting and tasty, but nothing I’d crave at a later date. The best offering in my opinion was the imperial oatmeal stout – deep, rich, roasty and strong. A few of those would knock you on your ass.

My only complaint was the water. They have a keg of free water to wash their beer down with, and I’m guessing that they’ve got some form of sparkling water in there. The problem is that after a while, the sparking water goes flat and taste like absolute shit, which was the state it was in when I pulled a pint. On the up side, they have free pretzels and apples.

seattle11 011Overall, I think it’s a solid brewery, but far from Seattle’s finest.

Location: 14
Beer: 16
Food: NA
Service: 16
Overall: 16
Total: 62 (out of 80)