imagesAllentown Brew Works
812 W Hamilton St
Allentown, Pennsylvania
Visited on November 7, 2008

One of the more disappointed experiences I’ve ever had was at a place called Allentown Brew Works in Allentown, Pennsylvania. I probably brought it down on myself, though. I wasn’t there to review their beers per se, or to even sit down and have a nice meal. I was there for a birthday celebration and got stuck in their overrun-by-dousches dance-party-fucktastic area. In short, the location was nice enough when it wasn’t filled by dickwads, the food menu looked pretty good but I didn’t get to try it, and all of the beers I tried were very mediocre. Obviously, I owe this place a real shot, but I doubt that will happen anytime soon.

Original Review2007_812-816-Hamilton

Maybe it’s because I came to this place at night when it apparently turns into a club, but this place is pretentious as all hell. The upstairs is a dance club that demands a 10-dollar entrance fee. The bottom floor is another dance club that also demands cover, separate from the top. The middle is crowded with flashy, self-absorbed 20-somethings who are only there for the female flesh and could care less what beer is on tap.

I only got to try three beers because I had to drive home that night, but they were mostly decent. The exception was their IPA, which was way over-hopped and too bitter at the front without any reward at the end. After that I was looking for a solid amber, the only choice being an amber lager. It was light and slightly sweet, which is exactly what I was looking for, but afterwards completely forgettable. The final test was the pumpkin ale, which was overly spiced and presented no depth or complexity.

allentown-brewworks-large1Location: 10
Food: NA
Beer: 12
Service: 15
Overall: 12
Total: 49 (out of 80)

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