l66-02082002-880Tied House Brewery & Café
954 Villa Street
Mountain View, California

Visited several times in the summer of 2007

One of the places I regularly went during my time in California was a place called the Tied House. According to its menu, the name is in reference to the former glory days of brewing when small, local breweries were “tied” to a local restaurant, providing its yeasty alcoholic beverages.

Well, this tied house provided its own brews in Mountain View, California. The venue is very nice, with a sort of lodge feel, a giant bar and plenty of space in the restaurant. The beers are solid, though nothing to write home about, with a particularly nice amber option.

Ah, who am I kidding? This was five years ago and I didn’t go all that often since Gordon Biersch was within biking distance. I’m going to have to lean heavily on my original review on this one.Tied_House_Cafe_and_Brewery-Mtn_View

Original Review

This microbrewery is located in one of the endless string of suburbs between San Francisco and San Jose—Mountain View. The building is nothing special from the outside, but it provides a cavernous dining area, open kitchen, ample seating, and a long bar with plenty of large televisions. This was my favorite place to come to watch a game during the summer I spent at Stanford.

The food was nothing special but definitely eatable (yes, that’s eatable, not edible). The salads are absolutely monstrous. The appetizers are good, and half-priced before 6:00 pm. My suggestion is to come early, order a large nacho with chicken or beef (mmmmmmmm… cow), which will feed you for a couple of hours while you enjoy their six or seven well-crafted beers.

nightlife-music-nba-bars-tied-house-microbrewerySpeaking of the beer, their options are wonderful session brews, but my favorites are the light amber (not filling, sweet, and refreshing) and the Alpine Gold (like Budweiser but 100 times better). And for me recommending anything like Budweiser tells you that it has to be a damn good lager.

Location: 18
Food: 16
Beer: 16
Service: 17
Overall: 16
Total: 83

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