triple7Triple 7’s Brewing Company
200 N Main St
Las Vegas, Nevada
Visited in April, 2007

It’s been a long-ass time since I visited Triple 7’s in Las Vegas. One of the few brewpubs I could find in the city six years ago, the place served tasty looking grub, including sushi and four of their own brews. It could very well be that during the past half-decade their quality and ingenuity has improved drastically. At the time, however, the only beer that was mildly interesting was the barley wine.

I’m due for another Vegas trip, though.

Original ReviewTriple_7_Restaurant_Brewery_at_Main_St_Station

This is the only microbrewery in a casino in Las Vegas for some reason. But it’s not on the strip, it’s at the end of Fremont Street, or the “old” Vegas. Located in the Main Street Station Hotel and Casino, the restaurant is, of course, bright, glittering, and very Vegas baby, yeah!

I didn’t eat here, but there’s a sushi bar, which scores automatic points. I’d really like to try it sometime.

triple7_2_lightboxThe beer was entirely forgettable. Nothing very good worth writing about. The Barley Wine was the best of the bunch though, but probably only because it was high in alcohol, sweet, and actually had some taste.

Location: 19
Food: NA
Beer: 13
Service: 12
Overall: 13
Total: 57 (of 80)

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