jack-s-brewing-coJack’s Brewing Company
39176 Argonaut Way
Fremont, California
Visited in August 2007

After settling into Palo Alto for a month, I finally realized I should be getting out and trying the brewpubs more often. My first conquest was also the closest drive, a sports bar in Fremont by the name of Jack’s Brewing Company. From what little I remember, it was an excellent sports bar. There were a ton of televisions and the staff was happy to change any television to any game, regardless of whether or not it was to a crappy Cleveland team. So while the food was typical sports bar fare and the beer was equally uninspired, I’d still call it a success because it’s good at what it’s trying to do.

Original Review

I wanted to love this place because it’s an actual sports bar and home to the local Browns Backers! Although it’s amazing for a sports bar, it’s pretty average for a brewpub. There are tons of plasma screen TV’s to watch whatever game you want to see if you simply ask. The decorations are of a typical sports bar where you might also see a family dining on a typical week night. Think BW3’s.Jacks_Brewing_Company

The food was decent, but obviously just warmed from a package and put together. I ordered an open-faced meatloaf sandwich. The mashed potatoes seemed to be from a box and the meatloaf seemed to be grilled out of a plastic shrink wrap. That being said, it did taste very good, but they get low marks for effort.

The beer is below average. The porter was tasty but thin and overly carbonated. I stayed for three pints and was not very impressed with any of them.

Jacks WKY Game 023It was a slow Friday afternoon and the owner came out and chatted with me for a bit, which was nice. There were a ton of regulars sitting at the bar, but I still got all of the attention I needed.

Location: 18
Food: 14
Beer: 11
Service: 17
Overall: 14
Total: 74

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