Barleys-SmokehouseBarley’s Smokehouse and Brewpub
1130 Dublin Rd
Columbus, Ohio
(614) 485-0227
Visited on October 25, 2007

I have to say that I did not have the best experience the one time I visited this spinoff of the High Street staple. The food was fine – a pretty decent bacon barbecue burger from what I can remember. But the beer left something to be desired. They selection was small and the quality just wasn’t there. What’s more, the server didn’t know jack about beer and couldn’t answer any of my questions. And I’m not talking about complex stuff like the hops used or the grain bill. I’m talking about simple things such as what style a beer is – IPA or regular Pale, for example. I had a much better experience at Barley’s Alehouse in downtown Columbus, so perhaps this place deserves a second shot in the near future.

Original Review

The first microbrewery I’ve tried in my hometown of Columbus, and unfortunately I was very disappointed. The building is out of the way and not convenient to get to, which would make sense if it was a really cool building or something, but it isn’t. The inside is a pretty typical sports bar, like a Roadhouse Grill or some other barbecue place, but with a few more televisions and sporting paraphernalia.barleysbrewpub

The food was outstanding. They have tons of barbecue, and the texas-style cheeseburger I got was delicious. I have since become a lover of all things smoked, so I definitely have to come back and try the ribs, brisket, and pulled pork. That being said, I definitely will not be coming back for the beer, or the service. The Oktoberfest was decent, as was the Scotch ale, but nothing grand. I tried to order a Java Stout on Nitro, but when I got it, I’m pretty sure it was the Scotch again. If it was the java stout, it sucked big time.

I think my poor first impression is mainly the server’s fault. She was new and didn’t know a thing about beer, which made ordering difficult. She was basically terrible at bringing out the type of beer you asked for. I hope she got better.

barleysinsideOr got fired.

Location: 14
Food: 18
Beer: 14
Service: 8
Overall: 12
Total: 66

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