brew-kettleThe Brew Kettle
8377 Pearl Rd
Cleveland, Ohio
Visited July 9, 2009

I recently read an article by some whack-a-loon citing Cleveland as one of the 10 best cities for breweries. Don’t get me wrong, the mistake by the lake and my hometown has some pretty nice establishments. But taken as a whole, there are plenty of other cities in the country that has got it beat, hands down.

If, however, a case were to be made for Cleveland, the Brew Kettle would be near the top of the argument list. The first time I came here, I wasn’t too impressed. I must have ordered something wrong or been put off by the incredible crowdedness and wait. But on subsequent visits, I warmed up to the beers.

But more importantly, I came to love the barbecue.

Original Review

This is one rockin’ and hoppin’ place. It’s always jam-packed full of people. It’s a great place to go, but either too small or too popular. They need more space. The décor is fun, the staff is friendly, and they let people brew their own beer with their equipment. You can tour their facilities while waiting for a table, which you’re almost sure to have to do. And while that’s annoying, I’d much rather have to wait in a popular, delicious pub than get seated right away at a crappy one.brewkettle

The ribs are awesome. The sides are delicious. You get a ton of food and at a reasonable price. I’d come back often if I could and sample some of everything. My favorite was the pulled pork. Very well done!

I think that because they basically rent their brewing equipment out, that they occasionally don’t have a very deep list of their own beers. They have a great list of guest beers that you don’t usually find in Ohio, but I’d still prefer more selections of Ring Neck Brewing.

On my return visit, they had a much stronger showing of their own label. Something along the lines of eight house-made brews, all very strong and well done. I sat for hours and enjoyed pint after pint. It’s hard to pick a winner because everything was delicious!

brewkettleinsideVery good service. They’re always busy but the waitress is always ready to fill your glass or take care of a request. And they don’t mind when you sit and hang out til closing time.

Location: 19
Food: 18
Beer: 17
Service: 18
Overall: 18
Total: 90

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