rr_circle_logo_300Roanoke Railhouse
451C McClanahan St SW
Roanoke, Virginia
Visited on March 9, 2013

I finally got around to visiting the third brewery in Roanoke last weekend. It’s not necessarily easy, as its “tasting room” hours of availability are very limited. And tasting room is in quotation marks because they don’t have one.

The local brewery sits just south of downtown near the base of Mill Mountain. Walking in through the “front door” is rather odd, as there is no sidewalk to the door, you first step into what looks like a mechanic’s garage, and it takes a bit of navigating to eventually find yourself in the brewery. They’ve got a make-shirt bar set up with perhaps a table and chairs, and not much else in the way of furnishings. It feels like my Dad’s garage haphazardly set up for an informal party.rrinside

The employees are very nice and helpful, however, and make you feel right at home. My fiancé and I tried a sampler, which comes out with four nice-sized pours; probably about five or six ounces each. Overall, the beers aren’t outstanding by any means, but they are clean and quaffable. On my visit, I tried an amber lager reminiscent of Yuengling, a forgettable porter, a decent citrusy IPA, and a nice Belgian-pale hybrid. The latter was my favorite, though it may be a seasonal. It has just a little bit of the Belgian sweetness and flavors melded quite well with a moderate amount of hops.

Overall, I doubt I will find myself back in the tasting room, as it’s not really meant as a place to hang out. I will, however, probably buy a bomber or two of their wares every now and then in the local Kroger.

Location: 12
Food: NA
Beer: 15
Service: 19
Overall: 16
Total: 62 (of 80)