rock-bottom-brewery-logoRock Bottom Brewing Company
2000 Sycamore St
Cleveland, Ohio
Visited in April 2007

Hey, let’s just keep going with the Rock Bottom theme this week and get them all out of the way. After all, every single one of them is boring to write about, with a single exception. But I’m not giving away that secret quite yet.

Today is the one in Cleveland. It’s been quite a while, mostly because I have next to no desire to go back. It’s about as average as they come. Three cheers for mediocrity!

Or three cheers for also being closed! Wow, including Scottsdale, that’s two Rock Bottoms in a row that have gone kaput. Maybe the chain isn’t so healthy?

The location was pretty spectacular, at least on the outside.

The location was pretty spectacular, at least on the outside.

Original Review

Located on Lake Erie near the heart of Downtown Cleveland. The building is pretty cool and it shares a gigantic one with several other establishments. The interior was your typical Rock Bottom, lots of decorations suited for Cleveland, a circle bar, and a few televisions. Nothing special.

I’ve never been disappointed by Rock Bottom’s food, but nothing stood out on this occasion. Maybe we ordered the wrong things? Then again, probably not. And the same can be said for the beer, which was actually better than most Rock Bottom chain locations. The Pilsner and the Dog Pound Brown actually stood out to me.

But overall, it’s still a pretty “meh” experience.

Rock Bottom Restaurant & BreweryLocation: 20
Food: 15
Beer: 15
Service: 15
Overall: 15
Total: 80