beachchaletlogoBeach Chalet Brewery & Restaurant
1000 Great Hwy
San Francisco, California
Visited in August 2007

My visit to Beach Chalet Brewing Company was quite pleasant, mostly due to its location right on the water and at the edge of Golden Gate Park. Not much beats a day begun with a brewpub lunch followed by a day-long trek through one of the largest city parks in the world.

The experience itself was less grand than perhaps it could have been. The restaurant is beautiful, and the views are amazing – if you can get a seat by the window. The morning I went was extremely crowded, which made me a bit cranky. The brunch was good, but overpriced, and the beer was entirely forgettable.beachchalet2

Looking back, it’s a great place, but not the best brewpub.

Original Review

There aren’t many microbreweries in the country where you can enjoy a nice Sunday morning brunch with a view of the Pacific Ocean, but this place is one of them. Well, okay, maybe the only one. If coming for brunch, be prepared to wait, because it’s a packed house. The entrance is downstairs and highlighted by amazing mosaics that remind me of one’s I’ve seen in art history classes from Pompeii. And the upstairs is fun, especially if you’re lucky enough to get a seat with a view of the Pacific Ocean. Also, the brewpub is located on the corner of Golden Gate Park, perfect for a weekend brunch before exploring the park that’s bigger than New York’s Central Park.

beachchaletfrescoI always enjoy a local brewpub that does a Sunday brunch. The steak and eggs were very good but a little skimpy for the price. But what do you expect for San Francisco? The breakfast potatoes were the highlight of the meal.

None of the beers really stood out to me, but of the samples I had, the West End Wheat and Rip Tide Red were the best. However, there are several that rotate in and out (more than one at a time) so it’s quite possible their best selection was not on display for me that day. And finally, the kitchen is kind of slow, even for a packed house.

Location: 20beachchalet
Food: 17
Beer: 11
Service: 14
Overall: 16
Total: 78

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