cornerstonelogoCornerstone Brewing Company
58 Front St
Berea, Ohio
Visited in April 2007

The first time I ever visited Cornerstone, I was less than impressed. Most of their beers were light, unhopped versions of what they could be and should be. The food wasn’t all that great either. On a subsequent visit, I came around a little bit more to the place. The beers were better and more varied in style and depth. I didn’t have any more of the food, so that poor ranking had to stay where it was. But also, it’s in kind of a cool spot in an old building in downtown Berea, so that has to count for at least a little something.

Original Review

Located in the heart of mediocre Berea, Ohio is this mediocre brewpub. I don’t remember anything impressive or interesting about the interior or exterior. Just your basic run-of-the-mill local restaurant with a bar in it. Pretty small if I remember correctly, and not much in the way of comfortable sitting for a long session of drinking.

I got the special, which was stuffed tomatoes. They were quite good, and I appreciate the fact that there was a special that was actually thought about and not pre-packaged, or an attempt to just get rid of food that is getting old fast.cornerstoneout

I don’t remember anything impressive beer-wise, but maybe that’s because I didn’t know what I was drinking. The sampler circular tray didn’t come with any type of identification for the beers, and I’m pretty sure they weren’t in the order listed on the board. I’m pretty good at identifying styles at least, but I still couldn’t get it, and neither could my friend who is also pretty knowledgeable.

The service wasn’t up to par either if I remember right. They didn’t know much about the beers, and didn’t explain which beer was which much at all. This became evident when neither me or my friend could figure out which beer to order 10 minutes later when we were trying to order a pint of our favorite (relatively speaking).

Location: 17
Food: 16
Beer: 14
Service: 10
Overall: 13
Total: 70

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