joes1Downtown Joe’s Brewery
902 Main St
Napa, California
Visited in July 2007

Any review on Downtown Joe’s is, quite honestly, worthless. I stopped in for a single beer and sipped on a couple of others that were ordered. We were on a Napa Wine tour but I insisted on at least stopping in. However, even though I didn’t get any real sense of the place, it is still a brewery I visited. Thus it still gets listed.

It counts, dammit!

Original Review

Screw the wine tasting and try some locally brewed beer! The place seemed decent enough and looked like it served some tasty breakfast on the weekends. Not a bad location in a small downtown area, but the decorations could use a little sprucing up, or antiquing down.joes3

I didn’t get to try any food because I just stopped in on this place during a Diners, Drive-ins and Dives/Microbrewery tour of Napa Valley with my sister and brother-in-law. I also only got to try one beer before moving on, but it seemed like an okay place. The beer was decent, but since I don’t really remember what I had, it couldn’t have been too outstanding. I seem to remember some kind of wheat, which isn’t my favorite style to begin with.

Probably the most useless review I’ve ever written.

joes2Location: 15
Food: ?
Beer: 13
Service: 16
Overall: 14
Total: 62 (of 80)

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