lengthlogoLengthwise Brewing Company
6720 Schirra Ct
Bakersfield, California
Visited in August 2007

I didn’t much care for Lengthwise when I dropped by on a drive from the Bay Area to Las Vegas. First off, they didn’t have samplers, so I couldn’t try much of their beer. Any more than a pint or two and I wouldn’t be able to continue my journey. Second, I was trying to eat healthy since I was spending the entire day on the road, so I ordered a salad. It was just about the worst salad I’ve ever had in my life. Iceberg lettuce out of a bag with a couple of vegetables thrown on top does not a salad make.

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This is one of the only brewpubs you can find on a long drive from San Francisco to Las Vegas. Believe me, I looked extensively. There’s nothing impressive about the location from the outside, but the interior is pretty cool. It resembles a giant warehouse with giant ceilings, plenty of televisions, and yet it retains a certain elegance to it.

I was passing through on my way to Las Vegas and wanted to stop to try the beer and have a small dinner so I could eat again about three hours later. So I ordered a beer and a salad. The salad was something like $7 and horrendously over-priced. It was basically iceberg lettuce from a bag with a few tomatoes and croutons. If it came in a huge bowl it would have been all right, but this salad was worth maybe two dollars. Perhaps a full dinner would prove me wrong, but this place did not impress me in the slightest.

lengthinAs for the beer, I had a Triple Hopped Red Ale, and it was quite good, even for a non-hophead such as myself.

Location: 16
Food: 10
Beer: 16
Service: 15
Overall: 12
Total: 69

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