msglogoMain Street Grille and Brewing Company
8148 Main St
Garrettsville, Ohio
Visited on January 2, 2008

I was so impressed by this place the first time I went to it. I mean, it’s a brewpub in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere Ohio. But they couldn’t have picked a better spot. The brewpub lives in an historic mill situated on a small river with awesome views. The beer is better than decent and the food is pretty damn good too. If you’re ever in the region, I highly suggest stopping by at some point.

Original Review

I was highly skeptical of a brewery located in the middle of nowhere Ohio, but boy am I glad I made the trek. The location is amazing. Set in a gigantic mill that has stood for 200-some-odd years on the river next to a waterfall, the interior wood is obviously ancient and the views are amazing. A three-tiered patio supplies wonderful outdoor seating in the summer, the interior bar gives high-top tables and numerous tv’s to catch a game, and the dining room gives a casual, quiet setting for a nice meal.msgout

The menu is extensive and imaginative. Local ingredients are combined in interesting ways in a large variety of dinner entrees. However, I can only speak for the more traditional pub fare, since that’s what I was in the mood for. The burgers are good – not spectacular – and the fries are gigantic wedges and battered and fried. The ribs are perfectly tender. The fall apart when pressure is applied but otherwise hold together. There was a bit too much sauce on them for my tastes, but that’s more of a personal opinion. I hope to come back soon to try some of the entrees.

The brewpub featured eight different beers on my visit, which is a lot for such a young brewpub out in rural Ohio. Luckily, it wasn’t eight different examples of crap. Each beer was very well done. The lighter varieties of a light ale, amber and ESB were simple, straightforward, but great session beers. The heavier barley wine and Christmas Ale were too sweet when combined with the high alcohol for my palette, though if in the mood I would enjoy them. The stout and pumpkin ale were my favorites. The stout was unique and complex, apparently a happy accident. According to the brewer, he originally used too much of the seven malts for his system and they did not completely ferment. People told him to keep it that way, and he did. Good choice. The pumpkin cream ale was my favorite. Brewed with real pumpkin and not just the spices, it gives a lingering taste of pumpkin pie that keeps you coming back for more. The brewer said it was a pain to use real pumpkin in the brewing process, but hopefully he endures it again next year. It’s well worth it.

msginMy friend and I were just two regular Joes out to try some food and beer, but the brew master came out and talked to us for 20 minutes to ask our opinions and just chat in general. Plus, he taught me some things about nitro draughts I didn’t know. The waiter was good, but the visit from the brewer put the service marks over the top.

Location: 20
Food: 17
Beer: 18
Service: 20
Overall: 19
Total: 94

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