triumphlogoTriumph Brewing Company
117 Chestnut St
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
215- 625-0855
Visited on November 8, 2008

I have to say that I wasn’t very impressed by Triumph Brewing Company. To be fair, I visited at the end of a long evening of drinking beer, so the taste buds probably weren’t at their finest. However, it seemed like every single beer was a bit off – like perhaps their lines were in desperate need of cleaning. Also the space seemed pretentious and off-putting. I don’t need blue mood lighting, club music, and a surrounding of douchebags.

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Another pretentious brewery in the Philadelphia area. Screens, lighting, weird bathrooms where everyone has their own stall and both sexes go to the same place, and terrible music. I hated the place the second I walked in. Maybe it’s better during the day when it’s not trying to be a night club.

I didn’t have any food, but I have to say that the beer tasted absolutely terrible. I love microbrews, but I could barely put down the sampler for fear of hurling. I started with a smoked rauchbock that I was very eager to try. But it was extremely strong with a flavor I associate with unfiltered German wheat beers with way too much orange peel or something. I hate that taste, and every single beer I tried had that strong taste. I wonder if their lines were clean. The only examples that gave me a blessed break from that terrible taste were the wheat, amber, octoberfest and stout. And even those weren’t memorable in the least.

triumphinThe only slightly saving grace was the service. Despite the blaring, terrible music and throng of annoying, pretentious 20-somethings, we got served immediately and did not have to wait a second for the sampler, beer, or my pint glass.

Location: 10
Food: NA
Beer: 8
Service: 18
Overall: 10
Total: 46 (of 80)

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