trlogoTable Rock Brewpub and Grill
705 W Fulton St
Boise, Idaho
Visited in October 2008

Of the four microbreweries I visited in Boise, Table Rock was probably the closest to what you’d expect. It seemed the most professional of the bunch without being a corporate giant. It was still local, but they really had their shit together.

I went a couple of times, the second being more impressive than the first. I stayed and drank several pints while working on my laptop during Octoberfest one year. I remember their Octoberfest being pretty tasty and that they even had some German fare on the menu that wasn’t too shabby either. While I’ve certainly been to bigger and better places (smaller and better too), it’s a pretty solid option for the local brew fans.

Original Reviewtrout

If you’ve been reading my reviews of Boise brewpubs, then you know by now that I don’t remember exact details about any of them. Somewhere along the way the reviews I originally wrote of each of them – most as I was sitting and eating – have disappeared.

But here is what I do remember about TableRock.

It is the strongest of the four Boise brewpubs. It is located downtown next to a scooter store. They have patio seating. The interior is a standard fairly upscale brewpub. Not overly done, but not a hole in the wall either.

The one time I ate here I had something off of their Oktoberfest menu. I believe it was schnitzel with potato pancakes topped with a mushroom gravy. The schnitzel was unremarkable; tough, thick and forgettable. The potato pancakes were delicious; perfect balance of crispy exterior and creamy interior. But overall, if this is what their menu consists of, the food is merely acceptable.

trinThe beers are the best in town. Well, at least for the beers actually made in Boise. Every offering would be good as a session beer, but all are distinct enough that you would want to come back for it specifically, rather than drinking a macrobrew at another location. The Hopzilla and Nut Brown specifically stay in my mind.

Location: 17
Food: 17
Beer: 17
Service: 16
Overall: 17
Total: 84

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