billslogoBill’s Tavern and Brewhouse
188 N Hemlock St
Cannon Beach, Oregon
Visited on May 24, 2009

This might be the only brewery within 45 minutes of Portland, Oregon, that I ever found to be disappointing. Perhaps the worst part is that it’s right on the beach near the gorgeous scenery of haystack and it still manages to be rather meh. I don’t remember the beer. I don’t remember the sandwich. I just remember thinking all of the hiking I did that day wasn’t worth being undone by the stuff I was shoveling into my stomach.

Original Review

A moderately-sized establishment in the middle of a quaint coastal beach town almost due west of Portland, Bill’s has a “Cheers” vibe where you get the feeling most everyone knows everyone else. The bar area does not allow minors and features a bar with seating for about 10 plus a wall of about 6 booths and a floor of about 6 more tables. Everything is a little cramped together, and it can be difficult to wedge yourself through sometimes. I think there’s another “family” side for minors, but I don’t remember for certain. It’s a nice place, but there’s nothing great about it.billsout

It features a typical pub menu that lacks imagination. Nothing really popped out at me. I considered the oyster burger, made from grilled oysters, but I was a bit scared by the few experiences I’ve had with the raw variety. So since nothing popped out, I just went for the staple bacon burger with a side of onion rings. The burger was alright. It’s not going to disappoint anyone, but it’s not going to bring anyone back for more. The onion rings were on point, though. Somebody in the kitchen knows how to make a beer batter and use the deep fryer.

billsinI believe they typically have six of their own beers, but they only had five on the night I visited. Two were slightly sweet and very mainstream targeted; a hefe and a lager/golden ale. There was an IPA that was decent. My two favorites were the Ruby Red and the Porter, but those were merely the ones that were the least bland.

Location: 16
Food: 15
Beer: 13
Service: 16
Overall: 15
Total: 75

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