broadripplelogoBroad Ripple Brew Pub
840 E 65th St
Indianapolis, Indiana
Visited in April 2007

Broad Ripple was one of the first breweries I ever visited. I had a nice, relaxing time on their porch reading a book and drinking a couple of pints. I returned once since then with my sister and brother-in-law. It’s a pretty decent spot – not much more to say about it than that. They serve English-styled beer and food, both of which are fine, neither of which are memorable.

Original Review

The building is expansive and modeled after an English Pub. However, I did not spend much time inside, because I lounged on the patio in a plastic lawn chair for an hour or two. But from what I saw, it seemed like a very cool place. I’ll have to visit again soon to refresh my memory.broadrippleout

I ordered a tuna steak sandwich with seasonal veggies, both of which were very good, though I could have used a few more veggies. There are a bunch of traditional Irish dishes on the menu too, which I will try as soon as I get my butt back over there.

I took about an hour to get through the meal and try each of the samples, which were plentiful. From my best memory, the Lawn Mower Pale Ale and Amarillo Red Lager were both very drinkable. Nothing stands out as of now, but when I go back, I’ll be sure to get some pints of some of them so I can truly comment.

The service was great. I was checked up on often and they let me chill with a book for an hour, so they’re all right in my book.

broadrippleinUpdate: Over a year later, I finally made it back to the place. The location rating is correct, the dark wood and homey feeling of the pub leaves nothing to be desired. The beer rating is also accurate; a good mix of pales and cask stouts and porters. But the food is getting knocked down a peg. I tried their Shepherd’s Pie, and was thoroughly disappointed. It seemed like something an amateur chef concocted—more like a loose chili then the traditional English dish. Their burgers and sandwiches are still great, but if you’re going to call yourself an English pub, and be owned by an Englishman, you should do your English dishes a bit better…

Location: 19
Food: 14
Beer: 15
Service: 18
Overall: 16
Total: 80

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