bblogoBuffalo Bills Brewing Company
1082 B St
Hayward, California
Visited in August 2007

Chances are that you’ve heard of Buffalo Bills already. They’re quite famous for one of the first pumpkin beers out there, as well as for their orange blossom cream ale. And yet for some reason, you can’t buy either on draft at the brewpub; they only come in bottles.

That is ridiculous.

The rest of the place is pretty okay. The food is pretty good, the happy hours rock, the location doesn’t suck. But just that nagging fact that they don’t carry their most famous beers on tap makes me hate the place a little bit. So the scores are a little lower across the board than they might be otherwise.

Original Review

The location was expanded recently and is very nice and very well decorated with 6-packs and banners featuring the names of their popular beers. There’s ample seating, a moderately-sized bar, and outdoor seating for the warm California evenings.bbout

The food is good for a brewpub, but average over-all. The reuben was tasty but served with tortilla chips… they don’t have fries. And the pizza was good but the meat was diced which to me indicates store bought instead of homemade. I’m pretty sure I could get something just as good at any chain pizza place in the country.

The beer here is among the best I’ve had, particularly the Tasmanian Devil, Orange Blossom Wheat and the original Pumpkin Beer, but everything on the menu is sure to please. But there’s one problem; they don’t serve their two best beers, Orange Blossom and Pumpkin Ale, on draft. They only sell bottles, which cost just as much as a draft Imperial 20-ounce pint. I will never, ever spend $5.50 on a bottle of beer…

The service is pretty spotty too. The first time I came in I may have sat sort of in a corner by myself, but still, it’s never good to be overlooked for the first 15 minutes you’re there, and then to barely see the waitress again the rest of the time.

Location: 15
Food: 15
Beer: 18
Service: 14
Overall: 17
Total: 79

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