SaveTheAles-brownBoundary Bay Brewing Company
1107 Railroad Ave
Bellingham, Washington
Visited on November 22, 2009

After much deliberation, I left Boundary Bay off of my top 10 list that is forthcoming. I may end up regretting the decision, but that’s where I stand at the moment. I loved this place. The beers were malty and yeasty and thick just like I like them. The food was delicious. The restaurant was friendly, cozy and still upscale. The salmon was delicious. I have nothing bad to say about the place.

Original Review

Located a handful of miles south of the Canadian border, Boundary Bay may be the perfect local brewpub. The restaurant is set in what once must have been a large garage, because a giant garage door separates the main dining area from the patio area open when the weather is nice. But other than that, you’d never know it was a garage. The tables, decorations, bar, televisions and general atmosphere has nothing “garage” about it. The giant boats, sails and mounted fish adorning the ceilings and walls is a bit over the top, but overall, I loved the feel of this place.bbout

The menu is *almost* typical pub fare. The difference is the ingredients: the combinations and freshness of what is available. For example, my dining partner got a delicious pizza topped with smoked salmon and pesto. I had a sandwich stacked high with a fresh filet of salmon. And the pumpkin cheesecake to top the meal off wasn’t too bad either. It tasted just like the perfect pumpkin pie, which I’ve never had, because apparently the perfect pumpkin pie is a pumpkin cheesecake.

bbinThe beer is absolutely outstanding. They had nine of their own beers, each of which was heavy on the malts, giving it the depth and complexity so sorely missed by many brewpubs looking to sell a lot of beer. The malt level means it is more expensive, and you can’t drink as much, because it is filling as hell. But I loved absolutely everything they put in front of me.

Great service. Good suggestions. Attentive. Brought my large sampler out in flights so that they didn’t get too warm. Nothing bad to say.

Location: 20
Food: 18
Beer: 20
Service: 19
Overall: 19
Total: 96

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