calistogalogoCalistoga Inn
1250 Lincoln Ave
Calistoga, California
(707) 942-4101
Visited in July 2007

I honestly have no place reviewing Calistoga Inn and Brewery. I dropped in for less than an hour during a whirlwind visit of Napa. I think maybe I had a beer, tried a bit of my sister’s, and then took off. I remember not being impressed, but who knows if we got their best beers or not. But it’s a brewpub I’ve been to, so it counts in the total, so it has to have an entry.

Original Reviewcalistogaout

Not much to say about this place because I dropped in for one beer on my way through wine country. My sister, brother-in-law, and I sat in the bar area, which I think was our first mistake. I think there’s a bigger restaurant side, and even a nice outdoor patio to enjoy your brews, but we didn’t see it. The place was completely dead while we were there, and not very interesting.

calistogainDidn’t eat. We were fresh from Taylor’s Automatic Refresher, which is a killer burger spot if you’re ever in Napa Valley. They only had four selections of beer, which is fine if you’re going to make four outstanding beers. But they don’t. They’re below average. And we barely saw the server. But then again, we barely ordered anything or stayed.

Location: 15
Food: ?
Service: 14
Overall: 14
Total: 55 (of 80)

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