cascadelogoCascade Lakes Brewing Company
1441 SW Chandler Ave #100
Bend, Oregon
Visited on February 8, 2009

I stopped at this brewpub on about hour 15 of a 20+ hour drive from L.A. to northern Idaho after a conference. I might have been a bit sleep deprived at the time, so I don’t recall a whole lot about it now. I remember a nice place, raw oysters, and decent beer. It must have made an impression on me at the time, though, because the score is pretty decent.

Original Review

This location of Cascade Lakes Brewing is known as the lodge. Set a few miles outside of Bend, the Lodge is one hell of a bar. Featuring giant ceilings, wide open spaces, pool tables, televisions, dart boards, and plenty of room for big groups, it is a great destination to relax and knock back a few brews.cascadeout

The menu is pretty limited. It features your typical pub grub of burgers, fried stuff and a couple of specialties. Pretty much all six of us had a burger, and I didn’t hear any complaints. I had a buffalo burger dressed with barbeque sauce and bacon with onion rings on the side. It was definitely above average, but not the best I’ve ever had. The onion rings were hand breaded, fresh and crisp. For dessert I put down a raspberry cheesecake that was good as far as desserts go, but just average for cheesecake. Raspberries were incorporated throughout the cake making it purple. It was light and creamy like a New York style. Definitely worth eating, but again, not on the top tier.

I would have to say that the beer here is definitely the weakest link in the performance. The light ales are generally under-hopped and lacking any texture with the exception of the Pine Martin Pale, which had a delightful mouth feel and subtle hops. The IPA was only bitter with no aroma or other flavors to enjoy from hops. The stout was decent. The star of the show was the 20” Brown – a nut brown ale that starts slowly on the palette and builds to a wonderful nutty, sweet sensation that lingers on the tongue, begging for more. Far and away better than the rest.

The waitress was awesome. There were six of us and it was getting late on a Sunday, but she was attentive, chatty and had some great recommendations.

Location: 18
Food: 16
Beer: 14
Service: 19
Overall: 16
Total: 83

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