4peakslogoFour Peaks Grill & Tap
15745 N Hayden Rd D5-7
Scottsdale, Arizona
Visited on January 24, 2010

Not a lot to say about my visit to this Four Peaks location. I stopped in, had a few beers, and watched some football. The place was overcroweded, but find me a good brewpub that’s not on a football Saturday. The beers are, as Four Peaks usually tend to be, pretty good. Didn’t have any food on this visit. But not a bad spot at all, it would seem.

Original Review

This secondary location of Four Peaks is located in the extreme northern section of Scottsdale in a strip mall directly behind a Chuck-E-Cheese want-to-be. It’s a great sports bar. A patio opens into the main seating room via a garage-door-style set of windowpanes. The layout maximizes the small amount of floor space and there is a TV on absolutely every wall in the place meaning there is nowhere you can’t see one – even from the balcony that also features a pool table.4peaksout

We walked in during a Minnesota Vikings playoff game, which was apparently a mistake, because this is obviously a Vikings bar. The place was packed with purple people eaters sporting Four Peaks/Vikings shirts.

I didn’t get a chance to try the food as we left at halftime. But I was very impressed by the assortment of interesting pizza toppings. I definitely would have stacked one up with some spinach, pine nuts, buffalo mozzarella, portabellas, goat cheese, pesto and sun dried tomatoes.

The beers are – of course – the same as the main location. They haven’t changed much since I visited last year. The Raj IPA is still the best choice along with a decent stout on nitro and a crowd-pleasing Scottish called a Kilt Lifter. Same scores for beer.

The service was bad that night, but I don’t blame them, they were packed and we weren’t eating.

Overall, I would come here to watch a game every single time.

Location: 19
Food: NA
Beer: 18
Service: 15
Overall: 17
Total: 69 (of 80)

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