mbclogoMarietta Brewing Company
167 Front St
Marietta, Ohio
Visited on May 24, 2013

Every small town in America should have it’s own brewing company. But not if it makes beer like this one.

Driving back to my parent’s for Memorial Day weekend, my fiancé and I decided to take a quick stop for dinner on the way. And I just so happened to remember that Marietta has a brewpub in its small downtown. Why not make a stop? Maybe we’ll find a diamond in the rough.

The location was encouraging. Marietta is a cute, historic, architecturally interesting piece of living Americana right on the banks of the Ohio River. The building itself has towering ceilings, exposed brick walls, and beautiful murals painted right on the red bricks.

Continuing with the positive points, the food is decent if wildly unimaginative. Everything is pretty cheap and comes out fairly tasty. They definitely lose some points based on ingredient quality, though. For example, I guarantee that my prime rib beer braised sandwich was in no way, shape, or form made out of prime rib. If it was, it was the most overcooked, tough piece of prime rib I’ve ever had. And while my fiance’s salad was nicely adorned with some tasty flavor combinations, the underlying lettuce was iceberg.mbcout

I mean, come on. If you’re going to put that much effort into a salad, at least have the decency to put something other than the blandest, least nutritional leaf known to man.

Which brings me to the beer. It was pretty bad. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a brewpub before where, after having tried the sampler, I seriously considered ordering a PBR instead of a pint of their own brew. The blonde tasted like PBR but thinner. There was a summer shandy-esque lemonade wheat concoction that made me want to vomit. A copper ale and IPA had decent flavor profiles to begin with but left the mouth lingering with an awful bitter taste for several minutes. And the stout was just flat out undrinkable – a first for me regarding stouts in my beer travels. The grains just tasted burnt or something. Blech.

mbcinIf in the area, I highly recommend skipping this place.

Location: 19
Food: 15
Beer: 5
Service: 16
Overall: 12
Total: 67

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