mbclogoMichigan Brewing Company
1093 Highview Dr
Webberville, MI
Visited many times

I made several stops at the main brewing facility for Michigan Brewing Company located about 20 minutes outside of Lansing. A few times I just stopped in for some drinks, a few times I biked there and back from my house, and a few times I stopped for some homebrewing supplies. It was a decent spot that is, unfortunately, now closed due to gross mismanagement. Their beers always sold well, and they brewed Kid Rock’s brand of lager that was hugely popular in the state. How they went under is a complete mystery to me.

As for this spot, the tap room was large and homey. The deck was large and sunny. The food wasn’t too terrible, and the beer was at times fairly decent. In the wide world of brewing, it’s not really that big of a loss. But I’m sure the locals miss it dearly.

Original Review

The Webberville location of Michigan Brewing Company is in my opinion slightly inferior to the downtown location. Though it’s where they actually make the beer, which is a big plus to me, they have some flavors available that aren’t downtown, and the building is huge and interesting, the food and service lacks. Also, they make little to no attempt to give themselves an identity through decoration.mbcout

One giant, long room in the front of the building has been converted to a pub setting and a humungous outside patio provides even more seating in the warmer months. One end of the pub has a moderately sized bar with several low-top and high-top tables for eating. Further along provides more seating with larger, rectangular tables. Eventually, you come to a long row of refrigerators that house bottles to take home as well as brewing supplies like yeast and hops that must remain cool. And even further than that is a giant homebrew store. The points added for having a homebrew store are balanced by negative points for no real attempt at an identity through decoration, though.

The food is pretty decent. They offer pizzas concocted on pre-made crusts – not their own spent grain recipe – which isn’t nearly as appetizing. On my visit, I rolled in after a 22-mile bike ride with another 22 miles back left to go. I ordered a Greek-styled chicken wrap, which was delightful due to the pesto and crunchy pine nuts. Giant sweet potato wedges that didn’t seem to come from a bag also raised the bar a bit. Finally, a cup of overpriced chili as an appetizer didn’t win me over. Moderate results ensued.

mbcinThe beer list is even longer than the downtown location. I would be they have between 14 and 20 taps at any given time, so major bonus for variety. And on my visit, they had a Maibock Octoberfest style beer that never made an appearance downtown. This is a shame, as it was strong at 8% and my favorite I’ve had of their brews.

Maybe it’s because it was a Sunday afternoon, or maybe it’s because I sat at a table with an empty glass already on it, but it took forever to get service. I fault the wait staff for not removing the glass more quickly, and also for not noticing I was not the person who had been sitting at the table previously. It was pretty bad, so they’re getting docked points.

Location: 16
Food: 16
Beer: 15
Service: 14
Overall: 16
Total: 77