skyelogoSkye Book and Brew
148 E Main St
Dayton, Washington
Visited on May 26, 2009

It’s not everyday you run across a brewpub in a little tiny town on some random small highway. That is, unless you’re driving through the state of Washington, where breweries seem to pop up like wildflowers. On the way back from a trip to Portland, I stopped in for lunch at this tiny town brewery. It was pleasantly surprising.

First off, the location doubles as a book store, which I think is pretty cool. The interior is simple and homey, somehow crossing an upscale café with Barnes and Nobles. I believe there were four brews on tap when I got there, none of which were memorable. But that’s not always a bad thing – it also means they were decent.

Original Reviewskyeout

This brewpub is located in the middle of nowhere Washington about 45 minutes east of Walla Walla in the tiny town of Dayton. It’s a spacious area in downtown. The building is brick with solid colors decorating the interior. Purple, green, and yellows abound. It’s very, very nice and cute. Looks almost professionally decorated, or at least a woman’s touch. One wall is dedicated with new and used books, including a balcony for even more selections along with three counter-top-style seats with barstools for reading. The main area features 10 four-top tables and the patio out back provides even more seating options in the pleasant summers. Overall, very warm and inviting, and I love it.

The short menu featurs sandwiches, soups, salads and a couple of 9-inch pizzas. Most seem like your typical deli options. Depending on where they get their breads and meats would determine whether it’s anything special or not. The soup is homemade. A simple corn chowder with potatoes and carrots. Very tasty, but nothing special. I had a meatball sub on a hoagie bun with light amounts of pizza sauce and shredded cheese semi-melted inside.
Again, it was tasty but nothing special.

skyeinFour house beers on tap. Tucannon Honey Wheat, Johnny Mac’s Scottish Ale, Startin Starveout Winter Stout and Johnson Hollow IPA. The Honey Wheat light was in color, translucent, with light floral and honey scents and a thin head on the sides. Light, crisp and refreshing. Not overly sweet. Very light hopping. The IPA was assertive bitterness with hints of full hop utilization. Alcohol content not quite up to par (4.2%!) with the level of hops used. It’s slightly overly bitter upfront without a later payoff, but hopheads would probably dig it. The stout is black with a white head with great retention. Velvety smooth, heavy mouth feel, noticeable hop presence but not overdone. Solid. The Scottish Ale drinks like a stout. Heavy amounts of chocolate malt and a subtle hop characteristic. Not sweet at all. Not sure about the style name. Decent stout, terrible Scottish Ale. The best overall is the stout.

Location: 20
Food: 16
Beer: 14
Service: 18
Overall: 16
Total: 84

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