tjlogoTraffic Jam & Snug Restaurant
511 W Canfield St
Detroit, Michigan
Visited on November 8, 2010

I can’t really say all that much about this place. It was an accidental find. After having some drinks and a pizza at the Detroit Brewing Company, I was looking for some sweets to fill my gluttonous urges and came upon Traffic Jam & Snug in a Yelp search for nearby desserts. It wasn’t until after entering and sitting that I realized I had stumbled into another brewpub. Naturally I sucked it up, ordered some more beers, and forced down some more food – namely a soup.

At this point, all I remember is that everything was decent and the restaurant was huge. I hope to go back soon for a more proper account.

Original Reviewtjout

I completely stumbled into this place by accident. After having a sampler and pizza across the street at Motor City Brew Works, I was in the mood for some dessert. My Blackberry told me that this place right across the street was the place to go. At the end of one of those reviews, it mentioned that it is a microbrew as well. “Nah,” I thought. “It can’t be. It didn’t pop up on any of my searches as a microbrewery.”

But it was.

tjin1Surprisingly, the place had four taps of their own brew, and they weren’t bad. A pilsner, IPA, harvest ale and stout were on the menu. I tried them all but the pilsner, and was most impressed by the harvest ale. It was creamy and smooth with all of the right spices of a harvest ale. The other’s weren’t bad either. I have to discount a few for lack of variety, but the quality was right where it should be for such a small place.

Except it’s not small. The beer menu is small. The menu menu is small. But the place is huge. I spent all my time in the bar area and thought that was about all there was. But once I searched for a bathroom, I was blown away by brick and mortar walls, a second story, wooden pillars and tables, and a general giganticness. There are seriously like seven different seating areas in this place.

The menu looked good but I had already eaten that night. The entrees were all between $12 and $20, and featured a lot of local fare in up-scale dressings. I did try a cup of soup, just to say I had tried something, and it was quite good.tjin2

But the best part about this place is the dessert. They apparently specialize in it. There are about 20 different offerings of giant, decadent desserts for between $6 and $9. I fell for something with cappacino ice cream wrapped around a coffee cheesecake with chocolate topping and crust. It was awesome.

Since this is the first brewpub I’ve ever visited that really seems to specialize in desserts, I give it major props. That is original.

Location: 20
Food: 18
Beer: 15
Service: 17
Overall: 18
Total: 88

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