firehouselogoFirehouse Brewing
610 Main Street
Rapid City, South Dakota
Visited on April 6, 2010

My mother and I stopped into Rapid City on my way moving from Idaho to Michigan a few years ago, mostly because of its proximity to Mount Rushmore, which we visited the next morning. Okay, so might have also stopped here because it’s pretty much the only city with a brewpub in it within 100 miles.

Firehouse Brewing is pretty cool. It’s got multiple levels and built within what looks like an old firehouse. Awesome hardwood floor goes throughout the establishment and there’s a lot of old fireman gear featured throughout. The location was great, but I don’t remember much about the beer or food anymore.

Original Reviewfirehouseout

Looking forward to my first brewpub in South Dakota, I rolled into Firehouse Brewing in downtown Rapid City after a long, hard day of driving (I took off in Missoula, MT). I was not disappointed.

Built from an old firehouse (go figure) this place screams uniqueness and authenticity. The hardwood floors are gorgeous. The place is big enough to hold a nice dining area, a giant bar with lots of televisions, and just as much seating upstairs. I can’t imagine ever waiting on a table here, though it could be possible in the summer when tourists are in town visiting Mount Rushmore and the Black Hills.

Perusing the menu, I noticed Rachel Ray had visited this place and ordered unique-sounding gumbo. But since my stomach wasn’t that empty, I opted for the “famous” reuben sandwich with a side of handmade onion rings. The rings were superb, being breaded in panko crumbs gave them an extra crunch. The reuben was alright. I don’t know what I was expecting from a simple sandwich, but it didn’t wow me. Neither did my Mom’s pesto pasta.

firehouseinSo, looking for some wow factor, we ordered a brownie dessert topped with ice cream, and that was pretty damned good.

On to the beer. They offer a decent variety including a red, blonde, porter, IPA, pale, brown and stout. None blew me away. Of the offerings, I liked the pale ale the most, but that might just be because that’s what I’m into at the moment. It wasn’t an amazing pale ale, but it was definitely solid, as they all were.

The service was decent. Again, not great, but she did steer us towards the brownie which was a good option. I had thought about ordering a milkshake made with stout malt extract, but unless she was wrong, its actually just made with molasses.

Location: 20
Food: 16
Beer: 17
Service: 16
Overall: 17
Total: 86

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